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A magical gem in the middle of the western desert, SIWA is located about 50km away from the Libyan borders borders, and 560km from Cairo (roughly a 7 hour drive). It is known to be one of Egypt's most isolated settlements, with a distinct language of their own called 'Amazighi' and an extremly unique culture rich with history, crafts and art.

Among the many traits this wonder destination embraces is the popular healing remedies performed with salt cures, deep sand heat and more. The elaborate handicrafts, from embroidery to basketry, kilims and salt lamps and more, are another essential part of Siwa's culture. Their motives are unique and their colors even more so. Influenced by the colors of what they see in nature, their most utilized color scheme is yellow, orange, red and black - resembling the color phases of the date as it ripens. Even more fascinating are the motives they use and the symbols they hand-stitch telling stories of what they encounter in their daily life.

Elements such as the spider, the fish, the windmills are all a way of describing their day-to-day activities.

Siwa, a land of magic and tradition, is a a beauty like no other in Egypt.

The landscape consists of palm and olive trees - making it a huge produce land for dates and olives -, also serene deserts, sparkly salt lakes and incredible sand built architectures.

Al-Siwiyah was inspired by the charm and profound culture of the land and its people.

From colors, prints, textures and hand-embroidery we put together the Spring'19 Collection.

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