The Sekhtem Backpack

The Sekhtem Backpack


The Sekhtem Bag is made for all you travellers out there! Handstitched out of dried palm branches, the talented women from Al-Wadi - a small village in Egypt - have worked long and hard on bringing you a bag perfection that is 100% all natural resources. The inside lining features the Amazighi print from Siwa, which is also done on pure cotton, and handstitched to the essence of the bag. It was essential for these women that all their pieces are assembled by only environmentally friendly materials including the threads!


Available in two stunning Amazighi prints ~ in very LIMITED quantities ✼




    When storing the Sekhtem Bag, avoid too much sun exposure and strong light, so that its color lasts longer. Please note, that the color of the straw changes with time as it is still drying out. 


    To clean your bag, gently wipe it with a white cloth and soapy water, then dab dry with a white towel 


    Care with love ♡


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    Depth: 14cm 

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